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For one of our clients we are looking for Security Network Engineers. Our client is a Network technology knowledge supplier that has customers in various sectors and fulfills positions from High-level architects to mission-critical migrations.


This organization exists since 8 years and got big by getting synergy through the shared Network knowledge from its consultants. They created a big lab to try out all new technologies. They work with some large companies like Cisco, Juniper, Palo Alto, Arista, F5 and VWware. Their engineers get to experiment with the newest technology. Multiple ideas for product combinations came from experimenting in this lab and are now actively implemented at some customers.

They reserve a big budget for education and to visit local and international conferences.

About +/- 30 employees who work at this company are CCIE and JNCIE certified. Network engineers who are interested in walking this path will fit right in here. The organization organizes “classes” in which you will be supported with the technical aspects as well as in time management. They hook you up with a mentor who will help you out during the rough patches.

Security network engineer profile

The company is now setting up a specialized security division, for which we are looking to hire security network engineers. We are looking for seniors with the ability to advise the clients, design and implement new solutions, and troubleshoot.

What will you be doing?

This organization counts about +/- 120 heads and places its Engineers at customers in professional services consulting and fixed price projects. As a security network engineer, your job will consist of helping set up the division and working at one of the many clients of this knowledge supplier.

Setting up Security division:

  • Create partnerships with innovative security start-ups, that can help get the edge in security design for your customers;
  • Create partnerships with enterprise security vendors;
  • Work with your technical and sales colleagues to create network/security product combinations for your clients;
  • Help in the recruitment of new colleagues;

As a security network engineer, you will advise for, design/implement and troubleshoot at various companies:

  • SME’s with their big IT environment and +/- employees;
  • Cloud hosting and datacenter companies;
  • GZM Telecom companies like Vodafone, KPN and Tele2;
  • Banks like ABN, ING, Rabobank, HFT companies;
  • Government;
  • System integrators like T-Systems, Cap Gemini,

Our client is hired to fulfill key positions within these companies, they vary from High-level architecture rolls to mission-critical migrations.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for new employees for this client, with the following characteristics:

  • High energy level;
  • Loving the idea to set up something new;
  • Smart – this has nothing to do with your previous education.

On technology level we are looking for 1 or several skills:

  • Security experience;
  • Routing & Switching experience with preferably several network vendors;
  • Software defined networking;
  • Preferably Load balancing;
  • Preferably Server & Storage skills;
  • Preferably Scripting skills.


  • We would love to get in touch, initially by phone;
  • We will invite you to our office;
  • If we have a mutual good feeling, we will introduce you to our client;
  • The first interview will be held at our clients office the next week;
  • The second (technical) interview will be held the week after;
  • When the match is right you will have an offer within a few days.
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