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Indigo is specialised in hiring senior technical candidates for companies where Software engineering is key.

We recruit CTO, Lead developer and Senior developer & DevOps candidates who make a difference.

Indigo Amsterdam icons of DevOps, Development, Machine Learning, Big Data

Recruitment is business critical

Indigo specializes in recruitment of CTO, Lead Developer and Senior Developer & DevOps profiles.

Indigo recruits in Europe and beyond; a larger resource market creates competitive advantage for your company. We recruit in the location most likely to find the right candidates.

Indigo has a clear hiring process, works closely with its clients in a dedicated  and project based manner to guarantee results.

Indigo delivers.

  • 7 years of experience in Development and DevOps market
  • Leading customers in SaaS, Software product development and Managed Services
  • We deliver: 1 out of 4 introduced candidates are hired

Proven success factors

  • Commitment: We give and ask full commitment, we pledge our time and ask a fee up front in return
  • Partnership: Together with you, we design a customized process to ensure a minimum amount of candidates
  • Role: The description of the role must be 100% aligned between Indigo and client, and calibrated throughout the hiring process
  • Salary-expectation: The salary expectation must be clear. This saves a lot of wasted time
  • Budget: You have a budget reserved for this process


Willem is co-founder of Indigo and responsible for day-to-day management of Indigo.
M: +31652308951

Jaap is co-founder of Indigo and responsible for day-to-day- and financial management of Indigo.
M: +31628902319


Indigo Infra BV Herengracht 124 1015 BT Amsterdam The Netherlands
+31 6 39 67 18 95


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