7 years of experience in Development and DevOps market. Leading customers in SaaS, Software product development and Managed Services. We deliver! 1 out of 4 introduced candidates are hired. Have a look below to see some of our success stories!

7 years of experience in Development and DevOps market. Leading customers in SaaS, Software product development and Managed Services. We deliver: 1 out of 4 introduced candidates are hired.

Indigo provided a candidate that really fits the job and the culture of our company

Filling a CPO role for an ambitious fast growing SaaS company like us is not easy. We were therefore pleasantly surprised that Indigo produced a shortlist of a variety of high calibre candidates very quickly. Most importantly they really got behind our company ethos and personalities to provide us a candidate who can not only do the job but also would fit in and add to the culture of our company.

Bert van der Zwan – CEO at Bynder

These guys can add huge value

In partnership with Indigo we hired a CTO and CPO in the last 3 months. We really connected with the Indigo teams passion for recruitment, their utmost professionalism and their sense of urgency. They made an effort to understand our business upfront and they were really responsive to feedback.

They gave us a personalised customer experience which is rare in the talent acquisition world. In a highly competitive technology talent landscape, these guys can add huge value to your business. I would not even refer to them as “like minded partners” but rather as part of the Lobster team!

Marzanne Oppel – Global HR Director at Ecolab / Lobster Ink

Testimonials Indigo Recruitment

Intrinsically committed to find win-win situations

Willem and Jaap are intrinsically committed to find win-win situations for their customers and candidates. Their personal approach ensured they really understood my abilities and motivation. Combined with their vast network, this resulted in them making a great match in no-time. Thanks to Indigo I have found a challenge that fits, both from a technical and organizational perspective.

Thomas Bergman – Head of Digital at Guidion

I highly recommend the Indigo team

It has been a pleasure to work with both Jaap and Willem on my next career move. They have been fully committed, accessible, and supportive throughout the entire recruitment process. It resulted in the right opportunity with the right company. I highly recommend Indigo team to help you progress in your executive career.

Cyprian Vero – CPO at Lobster Ink

Personal and committed way of working

I have worked with Indigo both as a candidate and in the capacity of hiring manager. I have appreciated the personal and committed way of working and would highly recommend their services.

Rutger Pannekoek – CTO at FranX

Reliable, trustworthy partner

Indigo helped me find a company that not only was a match for me, but that I matched with. Along the way, Indigo was in constant contact helping with interviews, negotiations and small details that usually make finding a new job stressful and complicated; but that was completely handled by their professional expertise. I’m glad to have found a reliable, trustworthy partner that will look out for both me and my future company to ensure the fit is right for both them and me when it comes to a long term partnership.

Andy Repton – Lead Service and Site Reliability Engineer at Aidence

High level of personal involvement

Through our former Chief of People we were introduced to Indigo. Jaap and Willem helped us to find a new Head of Digital that could ready Guidion for international expansion and further professionalize our development organisation. Before starting their search, Indigo conducted thorough interviews with the management team, challenged the lead developers on their views and succeeded in aligning all stakeholders. Throughout the process we experienced a high level of personal involvement from Jaap and Willem.

Jasper van den Driest – CEO at Guidion

Refreshingly different

My experiences with Indigo have been refreshingly different from many of my experiences hiring senior engineers. They managed to create a solid connection with the engineering community in Dublin and were extremely clear in matching the interviews in Dublin and Amsterdam. There was never any confusion or unmet expectations. They followed up throughout the interviews to make sure we were in sync. I recommend them highly and would use their services again without any hesitation.

Peter Siepel – previously Cloud Director at Schuberg Philis

Testimonials Indigo Recruitment

Empathetic and personal experience

I had a truly amazing, empathetic and personal experience with Indigo. This has been the best recruitment experience I’ve ever been through. Willem and Jaap made sure they hooked me up with something that matches me completely. I was very specific with the company profile I was looking for and they made sure they found me a job I love in an environment where I thrive. The recruitment process was smooth, quick and painless. Give these guys a shot.

Pedro Campos – Senior Backend Engineer at Aidence

Perfect and professional recruitment

Perfect and professional throughout the whole recruitment process considering we started with a job opportunity I would compare to Mission Impossible to get. In short period of time we managed to understand the needs and expectations of both myself and future employer which with well navigated strategy by Indigo ended up with getting the job.

Rafal Pienazek – Mission Critical Engineer at Schuberg Philis